The master of refurbished computers!

About Refurb Ninja

Refurb Ninja offers premium quality, commercial grade desktops for corporate or home use.  We are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.  All laptops come with latest Microsoft Operating System.  

Why We’re Here

As companies grow larger, they spend less time on the customer experience and more time on the management of their business/finances.   We keep our operation small and controlled.  This allows us to focus on producing the best quality and providing the best experience to every single customer.  We pride ourselves in being your partner in computing.  Each time you reach out, you’ll be talking to someone that isn’t trying to rush you off the phone to get to the next complaint in line.  You’ll have our 100% focus as we mutually decide what technology will work best for your needs.  Your computer will receive more focused care than one on a production line at a larger company.  We control the amount of orders that we allow in each day which guarantees that your order will ship on time.  Overall, you’ll receive a more personal experience that gives you peace of mind in your important decision.

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